Kuber Bali Adventure Bali ATV Rides Peliatan Ubud

Bali’s Kuber Bali Adventure ATV Ride Peliatan Ubud offers an exciting experience during your vacation on the island of Bali. Our experienced instructors will conduct full safety briefings before boarding through rice fields, plantations, bamboo forests, forests, rivers, villages and long tunnels made during the Dutch war.

There are many ways to find ‘authentic’ Bali … but what can be more exciting than taking in the untouched parts of Bali on compact trains and ATVs? ATV Bali and Bali Buggy tours take you to explore the inland and rural scenery of Bali with off-road four-wheeled vehicles that walk smartly through all types of terrain with ease. Payangan is located higher in the north of the more familiar Ubud area, where cold temperatures and lush hillside make it the best stress reliever. With this tour on the site, it’s getting better.

The guide guides all aspects of safety and instructions before you leave. Then it is time to enter the cockpit and take the mini to go round and round on a pleasant trial lap on the specified racetrack. As complete beginners, we don’t know about control. Surprisingly, this amazing little vehicle is easy to operate. Two chairs have semi automatic gears; all you need to do is gas and brakes. Enter, activate, the helmet and fastener are tied, and you are ready to roll. After several rounds around the field, you march in a convoy, led by a tourist scout on a trail bike. The four-step engine jumps on when you put the pedal on the metal. Speed ​​freaks will adore many straight tracks with ‘mini-ramps’ on it, and competition is who takes over the most. Payangan is one of the oldest mountain villages in Bali. This area is famous for its exotic fruit, salak, so it is often called the ‘snake fruit’. Salak gardens are a dominant sight along the way, attracting tourist participants with branches of thorny palm trees and strange-looking fences. To ensure that the natural environment is not disturbed, and to provide all participants with the best assistance and services, this tour usually only allows small groups of up to six vehicles. For cultural and natural trends, some highlight stops stop the route. Among them are hilly and large fields with stunning mountain views, and several village temples filled with interesting history. For super energetic tour options, two-in-one is available. The first is a buggy combination driving through the northern part of Payangan, then towards the southern ATV warehouse. A buffet lunch is served here, before you continue with another half day on the quads. This training course lets you understand the thumb acceleration lever. Even the first timer used to slow down the motor may need a little adjustment. There are no feet on the ground at any time, wearing a helmet, comfortable, right thumb … and leave.

Your Ubud adventure day with Bali Quad starts very early, where you are picked up from your hotel. So far, we have lived in Canggu. That means we have about 2 hours drive to Ubud, where the offroad adventure area will be. Once you reach Bali Quad, everything is quite systematic. Your day with them starts with drinking coffee or tea for refreshment in the morning with some cakes, and you have to fill in some forms so the company can measure your experience with these activities.
The Bali Quad Adventure has 3 types of activities – quad rides, train rides and tubing activities. For this, we only try to ride a quad and take the train.

You will be brief by watching videos about how to use the train correctly. The vehicle is automatic, so you mostly don’t need a guide. You will have the opportunity to test at the practice site before you begin. Because we do land adventures, we have the choice to do quad or buggy. We intend to do it together, which means we will be together on the trip, even though training allows us to do things separately for experience.

It was a very exciting adventure in Ubud, but it is very important to note that “there may be” hope that if you order this activity, you really know how to drive it. We believe this is the case most of the time, but Rachel actually has almost no experience (first time in Bintan), very little, when driving quads. He fell twice during training. That’s quite advanced. However, everyone was fine, and Rachel was rescued in a timely manner, and fortunately there were no serious injuries. After a while on the training track, we were advised to choose how we would like to take the course that day, and we chose to do tandem buggy.

Kuber Bali Adventure Bali ATV Ride Peliatan Ubud offers a tour of all terrain of different and unique vehicles. The location is the northern part of the center of Ubud, only 60 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport, Kuta, Seminyak or one hour from Nusa Dua.

Enjoy a fun and safe journey through real logging, forests, plantations and long tunnels made during the Dutch war. The duration is 1.30 to 2 hours depending on how fast you drive. The purpose of this tour is to introduce the invisible side of the island of Bali to all nature lovers and adventure seekers. (Ayung River Rafting + ATV Quad Bike Ride)

If it’s more of a challenge that you crave, our instructor will guide you through some of the most technical terrain our site has to offer, crossing seemingly impossible slopes, down the hill and then using the full force of the bike to climb back up. hill – ATV Quad Bike Riding Bali

  • Kuber Bali Adventure Bali ATV Rides Peliatan Ubud, highlights:
  • ATV Quad Bike Riding Bali with Buffet Lunch and pick up Included
  • Go on an adventure in Bali – see lush rainforests, waterfalls, rivers, long caves and amazing canyons
  • The best guide in this business – professionally trained and top-of-the-line professional equipment
  • Suitable for couples, group travelers, and people of all ages – 7 to 65 years old
  • Personal insurance protection
  • 2 hours ATV Quad Bike Riding

What is included?

  • Free private hotel transfer
  • Welcome Drink On Arrival
  • Professional ATV Ride Instructor
  • 2 hours ATV ride
  • Use of Towel and Bath Facilities
  • Toilet changing rooms and facilities
  • Boots.
  • Lunch
  • Insurance Coverage

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